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A collection of GUI prompt elements specifically for XBOX controllers. 

Perfect For Every Scenario

  • These assets were designed for any game type, any surface, with high readability even at small sizes and usability in mind.

A  Complete Solution

  • 96 Analogue Inputs
  • 22 Analogue Triggers
  • 28 Directional Arrows
  • 96 Digital Buttons


  • Every premium asset has a PNG file and an SVG.

Part of a developing series

  • Similar asset packs with  Switch Buttons have been planned but are depending on the reception of this asset pack.

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XBOX BUTTONS - Assets 1_0.zip 7 MB

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Are these assets free for commercial use?



Thanks! If I use it on my project, I'll be back here to share it with you!

Would you mind putting a proper license on them? The Free Software Foundation has a good explanation of why this is important.

(If you want to see how far that “other jursidictions” thing goes, take a look at this analysis of how far the CC0 has to go to achieve “like Public Domain” status in Germany’s “protect the creator from giving away too much” system.

(eg. Germany’s legal system prevents you from giving away rights that didn’t exist at the time you made your statement, so the CC0 includes a clause where you make a legally binding promise not to sue over rights that get written into law later.)