Switch Buttons coming soon!

Great news everyone!

I have been working on the newest update to the buttons this week. By the end of the week I will publish the Switch Buttons!

Brand new buttons

This new package will include controls for both regular controllers as well as the Joy-Cons. I will even include a couple coloured versions of the Joy-Cons, so you can put some variation in your project right out the gate.

The setup of this package is a bit different from the others, as it includes sprite sheets and a different naming convention, but otherwise the design is very similar to the two other packages, so your visuals stay consistent.

Pricing and future updates

I will offer the package at the low price of $3 and I will stay very open to feedback from you guys, so we can make sure development goes smoothly for most of you.

In other news

Lastly; I am looking to update the format of the other packages as well, but this is an update for somewhere in the future.

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If some of you have any questions then be sure to ask them! :)