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Dino Characters

An old project that has been collecting dust for the better half of 3-4 years, now available for download.


Each character has a couple simple animations. 

  • IDLE 
  • MOVE 
  • KICK 
  • HURT 

You can use these for what ever you'd like, but be sure to tag my twitter @ScissorMarks and credit me properly.

I also have stickers of these characters avaiable for sale on RedBubble, so be sure to check those out.


Version 1.1 

A new animation set has been made per request.


Published Oct 01, 2017
Tags16-bit, Colorful, Cute, Pixel Art, Retro, sprites


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hi! i would like to help you doing sprites for more actions like they were roaring or feeding (i say the sprites because i don't know how to do gifs) so if you like the idea just told me i'd be glad to help you

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If I buy this product, can I use it freely or do I have to give you credit anyway? I mean more money, it is for commercial use (game in google play). thanks! sorry for my english, i am from argentina jaja

You are allowed to use it for commercial use and non commercial use as long as I am credited. Paying for it here doesn't have any impact on the license, you just make me a happy camper. :) I appreciate donations but they are by no means a requirement. 

I create a game with these assest. I will upload to itch.io soon.

Awesome! Link me! =D

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It is a browser game the link is: dinorunner.bitballoon.com  it's un spanish but the only thing you need to know os that the numbers of the right are the time you survived and the numbers of the left your highest time =D sorry for my bad english.

could there be a smooth transition between walk and crouch walk?

Love them! I'll probably make a game using them.I'll communicate with you then!

Awesome! How about adding a roar animation?

Hi I love the assets and plan to use them for an upcoming game. Would you be able to draw a few custom sprites for me in your spare time? You will be given full credit and its only a few!

Super awesome, great work!

Glad you like them :)

it's really cute.

I am happy you think so! :D I might make something in a similar tone if people like this.

Nice! I would use this when the opportunity comes.

I am glad you like! Be sure to let me know what you use it for! :D