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Hey Arks! Its me again, I am gonna release a new update somewhere this month or next month it is finished but I am making the final touches I will comment again once the update is out. By the way thanks for these dinos they are just very cute and very good

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Thanks for your sprites <3 I used them all in my project while was learning Godot Engine ( ), they are realy great!


Hey Kotesto,

I am glad you liked them! The best part of having made them is getting to see all your projects! So I am happy that you found a creative way to use them too. 😊

Keep up the great work!

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I was wondering if I could use the assets for a platformer game for the playstore, and if yes where I should say that you were the artist

Absolutely. :)


Hi, I'm trying to use them but I'm struggling to tell what is part of which animation, how many frames are there per animation?

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Hi there. The 2 most important animations is the idle animation on 4 frames (1-4*) and the running animation on 6 frames. (5-10*)

However; In general, I think it is a good exercise when using premade assets, to leave things up to your creativity. If you can get something out of mixing and matching the sprites, then I highly encourage it.

I hope this helps you along. 🙂

*If the animation system you are using starts on 0 then just subtract 1 from what I wrote.


Hi Arks I created a jumpy game with your blue dino. Can you add a death and jump animation for these dinos? my game link =

Hi Hisam. Sorry about the belated answer, but sadly I won’t be making anymore changes to this asset pack. 🙂 I highly encourage you to give it a go yourself though. It might be a good exercise and if not, then you can always be creative and maybe look at how other games might handle death and jump animations. There is a couple hurt sprites you might be able to repurpose for the death animation as well as a frame within the running animation that might be well suited. 🤔 Be creative and let me know what you figure out. 😁

ok so there is a sprite pack called dino family i think, it has death and jump animation. Can I use that? I found that sprite pack in your profile page.

Sure. I don’t mind. Just remember to give us both credit when you publish your project. :) If you send it to me, then I’ll add it to the list as well.


Hey! I was wondering if you do commisions? Just so you know all I would ask for is some more dinos and a couple hats. Reply if your interested.

Sorry but I don’t do commissions atm. But thank you for showing interest.


Hi Arks it's me again about the NFT project I mentioned earlier. 

In regards to the intellectual property/ownership rights of the Dino concept, for me to create the project I would have to credit you as the rightful artist of the design.  Furthermore,  what are your terms and conditions for allowing this to be mass produced and placed on the internet? I'm wanting to make this project work and don't want to get sued down the track ahahaha just want clarification.

Would be more than happy to get in contact with you over a ZOOM meeting to further discuss this and clarify a few things if you're interested. Hoping to hear back from you soon



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Hey Balmain. I appreciate your reaching out in regards to this issue, as it is one that concerns many artists such as myself.

However; If you take a look under “More information” on the project page, you should be able to see the specific license that constitute your rights and mine, in regards to the use of the asset.

You can read about it here:

I hope that helps! :D

Hi Balmain,

Sorry for never getting back to you on this. I hope your project went well.

These are epic! Can you make it eat stuff like Yoshi? i have a few heros that could ride this DINO

Really awesome animation!
Using it for a multi-player game called Underwater.
You can follow the game's progress on our reddit community. Be sure to join!

Hi Arks, really love the work. Could I use this as part of an nft project I'm working on? Just as long as I credit you? I have only used the outline of the Dino and have made differing colouring variations. Is this ok? Thanks again

Go nuts. As long as you give proper credit, then you go right ahead. 😎

Thanks heaps Ark. I'll be in contact with you after I sort it out and happy to send you an nft/sample as a thank you for using your concept.


The simplest and most incredible spritesheet I've ever seen. I want to make a game for the Play Store and use these assets for free and commercially within the game. Is it ok to just give you credits with your twitter and itch io?

Yup 😃 Be sure to send me a link when you’ve released - I always love to see what people make. 😊

Thank you very much :D

No problem. Good luck with your project!


love this pack I made this with it


real cute


Thank you so much. This is brilliant

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No, thank you! And you are! 😁


Hi, i wanted to know if i could modify your dino, like changing most or stuff and maybe try to make NFT ? 

Thanks !

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Similar projects have done so and you are of course also allowed to. Just remember to attribute me as the original artist and you are in the green. If you want to know more you can look at the license on the “more information” section of the project. :)


Okay thanks, i will look into it, if i make it, i will come back to you ^^


They're very cute, i'm creating a game with the green dino and i'd like to give you the credits. Is okay putting your twitter?

Yup :)


These are adorable and such high quality


I used the blue dino in a jam game. Thanks


Hello. I used these dino assets in a small game I created:

Thanks a lot! I had a lot of fun with them.

Thank you ❤️❤️

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Anytime :)


I'm using doux for my scratch project. Thanks for these cool characters.


Can I edit them? (and credit you ofc)



i loved your job 

This is so amazing! A jump animation could be cool :D

I've seen these in a mobile game called Days Gone!

That’s right. The developer of Days Gone is using this sprite sheet for one of their basic enemies. :)


Hi i created this game for the gmtk jam 2021 using your work i left your twitter name iin the description

Hi! Your design is so cool! I want to use them on my thesis proyect.

How can I give you credits?

If you are using it for your thesis you probably have an appendix, literature list or accreditation section or something and you could probably add it there. But if you aren’t looking to publish the work itself, then don’t worry about it. :)

Me gustaría usar estos personajes para un videojuego que estoy haciendo (Quizás no se publique), para darte créditos es suficiente con etiquetar tu twitter ?

If you leave a reference/link to my twitter then that is enough, yeah. :)


they are so cute :

Thank you ☺

can y donload my game in my page? its in  spanish, Sry

I don’t seem to be able to. If you want people to play your games I suggest making them free. Of course, that is up to you to decide. :)


This is soo cute!

Aww thanks :)


So freaking cute :3

Thanks a lot. :D


I would love to trace these for my first ever game I probably wont ever finish the game but am I allowed to use them?

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Yup. Just remember to credit and you are good. :)

thank you very much!!


this is the start of my video game making journy.....

Good luck!


dude this is sooo cute


Love it!


Hello good afternoon! I wanted to know if I can draw over your art? your sprites are great, congratulations!

Yup. As long as you give credit, you can modify them.

ok! Thanks for the answer!

Thank you for it. Can I use them in my layout for Twitch? I'm starting my channel.

Sure, as long as you remember to add an attribution then you can use it for pretty much what ever. :)

I want do it too, can I?

Anyone can. As long as they remember to give credit where it is due. :)

Out of curiosity, did you ever end up doing it?

Thank you for these Dino assets!

I used these sprites in my android game.

I drew the rest of the graphics myself, but I don't know how to animate characters yet, so I used your dinosaur)

My game:


 how you did that player selection thing can you help me with that.plz

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What engine are you using?

I developed a game on Java Core without using game engines

My game on GitHub


It's so cute! I would give you money if I wasn't broke.


Same. Same. Lol

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This is very cool, keep up the good work! I think this should have a jump animation and if it did this would be great

Thanks a lot. You could probably the middle sections of the running animation for this purpose. There are two frames in there that look a lot like a jump and a fall and I’ve seen those used before. :)

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