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no, srly. I couldn't figure out which animations starts/ends where so I had to download your preview gifs and rip frames from them >_> You could at least list frames range for each animation.


You are pretty much the first one who has ever addressed this issue, but I still hope you found yourself a solution.


Did u update it cuz, in my .ase they are categorized

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It has always been categoriezed :) But I don't think DroneLocker has Aseprite.


argh. why would you put all animation frames into one sprite sheet?!?!? D:
Thank you anyway. Epic lil dinos.


Having a single file is very common. :) I hope it works out for you.


You can use Piskel to spit it into individual frame


hey can i use the dino on steam?


Sure thing. 😁 The most important thing is accreditation, and of course wouldn't mind a humble donation either. 😉 Though that part is not necessary.


I thought about it a little bit 

I'm not going to upload THIS game to steam

But thanks for the reply

Nice lil' dino!


Hey i am making a game and  i am just here to say thank you for those they look colorful

No problem, I hope you have fun making it :)

These are absolutely amazing, just could you scale them up a bit? I'm making a game that is 1920 x 1080 pixels so they are kinda small.

Hey there, you can do it yourself using free software like Just remember that when you scale it you have to use "nearest neighbour" scaling and always to scale by X*100%. :)

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Does it take the resolution down? Also is $6.99 or I didn't find the right one.

(1 edit) (+1) is free to use, if you are paying for it then someone is ripping you off.

I am unsure what you mean in regards to the resolution. What are you working in/with for the game?

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Thanks a lot, 😁

I used your adorable Dinos to  create an awesome game available on Google Play.

Feel free to check it out! 😄


That was awesome! May I just point one thing? Background. The far the background, less it moves. You did the opposit.

😐oh yeah Sorry! Thanks bruh! I really appreciate your reply!

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Thanks a lot, your design and animation are awesome.
Couldn't finished my game without it.
I used Mort and edited him a bit to make him crouch lower.

Check it out here -> Dashing Dino (PlayStore)

Which of the Pictures are for the move Animation?

Frame 5 through 10 :)

Thank you very much :)


Cutest characters EVER! 😄

I used the assets to create and awesome game available on Google Play and iOS

Feel free to check it out!!😄

Nice work and thank  you for the compliment. :)

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Used your asset for McGame Jam 2020. We came in 5th place (out of 25)!!

Many thanks to Arks.

You can find the game here.

P.S.: We are still working on the game even after the game jam since we grew attached to it!


Looks like you had fun with it.
Keep up the work! :)


Thank You!! I used your assets for my game on:
Play Store:
Check it out if you want!!

Thanks for sharing your art, your are the best <3

This is really nice.  Thanks for using them. :)

Deleted 2 years ago

Sure. :)


my first game 😄


 i really liked them, if i paid you would you make them with tiny  floating hands? i have an ideia to use them on my first game but the fact that they dont have hands its a problem


Hey man these are adorable, using them for placeholder characters in a game im working on thank you!

That is just A'okay. ;) Glad you like them!


Hello, thanks for your work, I used your sprites for a game:



I made a game using your work.And I modify a little bit for the game. Thanks!

Al aire libre

Hello, I'm Metacraft and I'm here to tell you to use your dino for my game, in the future I'll send you my project and you'll see your dinos and your name in my game will be good.

Hello, I'm Metacraft and I'm here to tell you to use your dino for my game, in the future I'll send you my project and you'll see your dinos and your name in my game will be good.
pdd: I do not know English, use a translator.


we used your asset for our game:
Thanks for sharing, we linked you in the credits section of the page and also at the credits at the end of the game.

could you give them a jumping animation

Sorry no, this project is over at this point, so I most likely won't make any more changes to it. You are more than welcome to test your abilities with it though, could make for good practice. :)


Hello,  nice cute work you have around here, but I have a request. Would you be able to design some little death animations for each character? That would be really helpful for a 2d scroller combat game that I'm working on, thanks

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This project is over at this point, so I won't be making any additional changes to it, you are more than welcome to make the changes yourself though. :)



I used your handsome dinosaurs for my first game ( cos i`m dreadful drawing)

I've properly credited you in the playstore:

Sorry for my horrible english, is not my primary language



I've decided to use Doux in my game Jurassic ParkOUR (Yes, I like puns)

He's BLUE so  Jurassic World comes to my mind lol....

I've properly credited you in the playstore details and the

Thank you for a wonderful art you've made and contact me if I missed any credits. Also I'm gonna add an attribution page to the game itself on my next release.



I adore these dinos. I've used Mort in my one-button runner (Dino Boy) and wanted to let you know.

I've credited you in the description.

Sincerest thanks for your beautiful work,



Thanks for this awesome Dino but can you make two more content jump and dead please

bro its cool spritesheets

Awesome ! Would be absolutely incredible to add a jump animation !

hi! i would like to help you doing sprites for more actions like they were roaring or feeding (i say the sprites because i don't know how to do gifs) so if you like the idea just told me i'd be glad to help you

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If I buy this product, can I use it freely or do I have to give you credit anyway? I mean more money, it is for commercial use (game in google play). thanks! sorry for my english, i am from argentina jaja

You are allowed to use it for commercial use and non commercial use as long as I am credited. Paying for it here doesn't have any impact on the license, you just make me a happy camper. :) I appreciate donations but they are by no means a requirement. 

I create a game with these assest. I will upload to soon.

Awesome! Link me! =D

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It is a browser game the link is:  it's un spanish but the only thing you need to know os that the numbers of the right are the time you survived and the numbers of the left your highest time =D sorry for my bad english.

could there be a smooth transition between walk and crouch walk?

Love them! I'll probably make a game using them.I'll communicate with you then!

Awesome! How about adding a roar animation?

Hi I love the assets and plan to use them for an upcoming game. Would you be able to draw a few custom sprites for me in your spare time? You will be given full credit and its only a few!

Super awesome, great work!

Glad you like them :)

Nice! I would use this when the opportunity comes.

I am glad you like! Be sure to let me know what you use it for! :D


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