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I'm in LOVE with that! It's so cute <3 I'm gonna use it on a game for my college and if I finish it on time, I'll post it and I will put your name in the credits! How can I credit you?

Arks with a little reference to my twitter would be nice :) @scissormarks

The artwork is great for me and I used it in my game Run Away Inside The CRT Monitor. Credits given.

This is amazing, keep making more! 

So much personality in such a simple style. 

I will use it in my game, for  when i publish it please tell me how you want to appear in credits

Excited to hear about your game. Crediting me as Arks @scissormarks is fine. :)


Can I use these asserts commercially?

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'First off, Thank you for buying <3' But it was free? Thank you very much for making this anyways lol. Very cute and unique. I know you made this a while ago but I hope you've been improving since then! (Not saying that THIS art is bad, its adorable, I meant as in I hope you're still making art)

Thank you, this is excellent!