Switch Buttons - Now available! 🎉

Now available! 🎉

The Switch Buttons are now finally available! This package is probably one of the most requested ones so far, so I am happy to finally release it to the public.

Brand new buttons

As I mentioned in the previous devlog; This new package will include controls for both regular controllers as well as the Joy-Cons, including a couple coloured versions of the Joy-Cons.

Some new changes

This time around things are a little different, as this package also includes sprite sheets and since directional input has been separated into overlay files.

The naming convention for the files is also a little different this time around. However, I am looking to make this change to the other packages as well somewhere in the near future. Everything else is still consistent with the previous two packages, both visually and sizewise, so no worries about that.

Pricing and future updates

This package has released at the low price of $3 and is pretty likely to get some quality of life updates in the future, depending on your feedback. As mentioned; I am also looking to update some of the old packages, but I can’t give a clear timeline for when exactly that is gonna happened at the moment.

I hope you guys can put them to good use! 😁


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Aug 14, 2022

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