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A simple 12x12 pixel tileset that resembels a dungeon setting  meant for retro styled games.

  • Retro Style
  • 12x12 Pixel 
  • Easy To Use

Dunjo(prev: Banjo)  was  made  as a small side project meant for simplistic, retro styled games.  It is simple  but useful for testing  game ideas, but isn't too expansive. 


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

Dunjo - Tileset.zip 11 MB


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i love it <3

Well!!! Like it

Your art is great ♥ do you have somewhere I can contact you?

Hey MajorH5

Thank you for the nice comment.

You can always leave me a follow and a comment saying you wanna chat on twitter. ☺️ I do like knowing a little about what before hand though.

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Castlevania-styled platformer I made with your tileset: https://freshwatergames.itch.io/excellent-lean-quest

I can’t seem to get your link to work 🤔 but I saw it on your profile, nice job. 😊

Sorry for not providing credit to your art, I added the proper credits on my projects that use your tilesets. I love your art frfr.

Haha not to worry. I was sure we’d figure it out. 😁 I liked your games, keep making more! fr 👍

how exactly do i use this? i'm sorry i'm kinda new, but do i make the animations myself? or something else

Well, there are a lot of ways you can approach this, but it mostly depends on what engine you’ve decided to use. When you know that you can pretty much just look up “Animating sprites in ______” and there should be some videos.😁 Do you know what engine you are using?(Unity, GameMaker, Godot, etc.)

I'm using unreal engine to make my first game in a while I'm hoping to get back into it but I can't remember anything 😭 also, and I apologize I think it's been answered I'd just like to confirm, but would it be alright to use this in a commercial game if I give credit?


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 you can have it

Deleted 55 days ago

Oh sorry I accidentally deleted a comment when I meant to delete my own. Sorry about that.

Can I make a full color version?

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Sure. As long as your remember to attribute, you have creative freedom.



Here's this game I made with your amazing tile set!


Thanks for that, I used this asset in my iwanna be game:I Wanna Be Lover - Apps on Google Play.And arks is in the credit list.

Ayy! Thanks, bud! ;D


For those using Unity, slicing at 24x24 pixel size with 2x2 padding and offset gives you the right slice.


This is a nice tileset. I love it.

And it loves you.

Deleted 2 years ago

Thanks. (Благодаря) :)

Umm arks if you can see this I am having problem using the blacknwhite.png ( The old plain one ) there is no black square in that png file only the middle square but I really need the black square, so if you see this please put the black square into the blacknwhite.png.

Thanks so much, I scrapped up a quick game using this: https://xamuil2.itch.io/dunjo

Ayooo I've seen it on scratch



I love so much your work and i want to use this assest to make a funny game just to play with my friends. I can give you all the credit :)


This was fitting perfectly for my Game idea. Used it for a Jam https://seeefi.itch.io/strange-dreams . Thank you very much for making.


This looks a lot like what Downwell uses as it's art, super cool style!

What is the license for this? I saw "Free to use" listed earlier, but to my knowledge that isn't an actual license.

Is this available for commercial work? Can the source be edited?


As long as it is properly credited with or without edit, then I am fine with it. :)


I believe the license you want to use for this product is this: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/us/

CC Attribution 3.0 means that other people can use or modify the work, even commercially, as long as they link to this license and give the proper credit for the work.

Oh I thought I'd put that on already, welp, give me a second.

Yeah there was already a license on it. This is the one you should adhere to. :)


Hey! Loved the tileset so much it inspired me to make my own in a similar style. I credited you in my tileset. Thanks for the inspo! https://safwyl.itch.io/oubliette-tileset

Good work and thank you for the honour. :)


Hey man! I love your tile set and made a game with it! I made some extra sprites like an enemy and bones as well.

You can download it here.

And of course I credited you as well.

Many thanks and congratulations on your game :)



For those using this really awesome and beautiful tileset, I made two things that might help:

* The tileset, without the extra spacing (a single 108x60 png file with no spacing between each 12x12 tile)

* A matrix representing the example map, with the id map refering to the tileset

Hope this help you set this gorgeous work! Thanks so much for your time, @arks!

How to increase image size without losing quality ? 16x16 is very small, almost impossible to see. May seem like a dumb question but honestly i do not know how to do it.

thank you in advance

Depending on what software you are using, change the sampling settings for the scaling from "bilinear" to "nearest neighbor". Nearest neighbor is key here, so no matter what it is set to at the moment, change it to that. In addition, remember that if you scale, you will lose quality if you don't scale it by a whole number. :)

I am using Gimp or Krita, I'm learning to use them yet, thanks for the answer, I'll search more about it.

Incredible! Can you make a fire animation please?

Thanks for the appreciation. 

You are free to make adjustments to it yourself, but I am not looking to expand on this anytime soon, as I am working on different project. Be sure you to let me know if you use and what you use it on. :)

Would love to know if this is free to use, and what license like the person below me.


Free to use.

Thanks! I'll be sure to credit anyways. Great assets.


What's the license on this? Would love to use it in one of my small projects.

Free to use. :)

Awesome. Thanks!