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A simple 12x12 pixel tileset that resembels a dungeon setting  meant for retro styled games.

  • Retro Style
  • 12x12 Pixel 
  • Easy To Use

Dunjo(prev: Banjo)  was  made  as a small side project meant for simplistic, retro styled games.  It is simple  but useful for testing  game ideas, but isn't too expansive. 


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blacknwhite_p=1.png 1 kB
Dunjo.zip 11 MB


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For those using this really awesome and beautiful tileset, I made two things that might help:

* The tileset, without the extra spacing (a single 108x60 png file with no spacing between each 12x12 tile)

* A matrix representing the example map, with the id map refering to the tileset

Hope this help you set this gorgeous work! Thanks so much for your time, @arks!

How to increase image size without losing quality ? 16x16 is very small, almost impossible to see. May seem like a dumb question but honestly i do not know how to do it.

thank you in advance

Depending on what software you are using, change the sampling settings for the scaling from "bilinear" to "nearest neighbor". Nearest neighbor is key here, so no matter what it is set to at the moment, change it to that. In addition, remember that if you scale, you will lose quality if you don't scale it by a whole number. :)

I am using Gimp or Krita, I'm learning to use them yet, thanks for the answer, I'll search more about it.

Incredible! Can you make a fire animation please?

Thanks for the appreciation. 

You are free to make adjustments to it yourself, but I am not looking to expand on this anytime soon, as I am working on different project. Be sure you to let me know if you use and what you use it on. :)

Would love to know if this is free to use, and what license like the person below me.


Free to use.

Thanks! I'll be sure to credit anyways. Great assets.


What's the license on this? Would love to use it in one of my small projects.

Free to use. :)

Awesome. Thanks!